Our daily routines tend to put a damper on our sex lives.

Mornings are always rushed, and by the time you get home, cook dinner, and prep for the next day, you’re usually too tired to do anything with your partner — unless it involves crashing in front of the T.V.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. By adjusting our evening routines, we can create time and space for intimacy. It’s all just a matter of slowing things down.


#5 – Develop A New Routine

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It might feel impossible to make time for each other after a hectic workday, but by creating space for intimacy during our evening routines, we can foster more caring, loving relationships.

This could be something as simple as cooking together or setting aside time each evening for a short walk.

Working in tandem with your partner fosters cooperative and caring tendencies, creating more space for intimacy in your relationship.


#4 – Make Your Bedroom A Sanctuary

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Your bedroom is a place of relaxation, so keep it that way.

That means putting away your clothes after you take them off (no piles on the floor), and keeping all work-related devices out of the bedroom — including exercise equipment.

Maintaining a clutter-free bedroom will help you relax before bed. Create your zen zone and intimacy will follow.


#3 – Save The Cuddle Puddle For The AM

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From kids to furry friends, everyone loves a cuddle puddle — but keeping your bedroom open to visitors in the evening can put a major damper on intimacy.

By keeping the bedroom off-limits to kids and pets in the evening, you and your partner will find it easier to relax and open up to one another, without the risk of any surprise intrusions.

Experts suggest only letting your child sleep in your bed when they have a nightmare.

Not only will this lead to a better sleep for you and your partner, it will also help your kids establish good habits for the future.


#2 – Turn The Electronics Off

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There’s no bigger buzzkill than getting a phone call from work during your personal time.

Even when you have notifications turned off, electronics can be a major distraction from your IRL interactions.

Rather than turning on Netflix or checking Instagram one last time for bed, try leaving the devices in the living room.


#1 – Focus On Number 1

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So you’ve put the kids to bed, you set the mood and you got rid of all the electronics.

What’s next? Instead of tuning into late night television try to stay focused on your partner.

Reading to one another is a great way to build intimacy, but do you. Everyone’s path to pleasure is different.

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